17th February, 2024 – BOHEME CANGGU This is first time Comedy Show at Boheme Canggu, promising an evening brimming with delectable bites and uproarious performances by Bali’s most renowned comedians, who have garnered international acclaim from Punchline Plus Plus Comedy Club. Featuring comedians showcased on esteemed platforms such as Comedy Central, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, […]

Cooking Class

1st April, 2024  – BOHEME CANGGU Embarked on a delightful exploration of Balinese culinary traditions at Shore Amora Canggu, under the expert guidance of Chef Tri. The session commenced with the preparation of Lawar Kacang, a classic Balinese salad renowned for its intricate blend of flavors and textures. With meticulous instruction from Chef Tri, we […]


27th January & 14th February, 2024 – BOHEME CANGGU The sARTurday community extends a warm invitation to an event that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Nestled within the vibrant ambiance of Boheme Canggu, attendees are invited to indulge in a day brimming with creativity and relaxation. As guests step into the enchanting surroundings […]


10th February, 2024 – The Atas Rooftop The Atas Rooftop presents the Mega Spinning Event, held in Bali’s open air and in collaboration with Heartbeat Bali, marking their inaugural outdoor spinning event. The event is structured into three distinct classes: Spin (50 minutes), Shine (50 minutes), and the 60++ Class (75 minutes). Utilizing cycles weighing […]


23rd March, 2024  – BOHEME CANGGU Immerse yourself in the lively realm of comedy guided by Punchline++, a dynamic comedian renowned for appearances on Kompas TV, Metro TV, and Comedy Central. Come along as we uncover the core principles of Live, Laugh, Love through the comedic lens, sharing observations, amusing anecdotes, and thoughtful insights from […]


16th December, 2023 – Yayasan Rumah Bayi (Batubulan, Gianyar) Bali Baby Home represents a heartfelt initiative dedicated to rescuing pregnant women and infants facing perilous situations. Spearheaded by Mr. Burhan, a compassionate tourist guide in Bali, this altruistic endeavor stems from an unwavering commitment to saving as many at-risk mothers and babies as possible, devoid […]


17th January, 2024 – BOHEME CANGGU Joged Bumbung is a lively and traditional dance performance from Bali, designed for both the local community and tourists seeking entertainment. Among the nine Balinese dances proposed for UNESCO’s world cultural heritage, Joged Bumbung is recognized as a secular dance. Believed to originate from Buleleng Regency in the 1940s, […]


25th January, 2024 (FULL MOON) – BOHEME CANGGU Once, there were two brothers named Sunda and Upasunda who were powerful and righteous demons. They performed severe austerities and pleased Lord Brahma, the creator, who granted them a boon. The boon they sought was that no one could kill them unless it was by each other’s […]